This project was coordinated by Olivia Lya Thomassie and Janique Johnson-Lafleur.

It was made possible with support from the Atautsikut initiative (Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding); from Aumaaggiivik Nunavik Arts Secretariat at Avataq Cultural Institute; and from the Pitutsimajut team (Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation funding).

We are deeply grateful to the artists who participated in the virtual exhibition and who, by sharing their artworks and their personal stories, have generously contributed to soothing and expanding our own experience of the pandemic. 

Special thanks go to (in alphabetical order): Akinasi Partridge, Andrée Anne Vien, Carolane Lévesque, Céline Tukalak, Dominique Gaulin, Frédéric Laporte, Hannah Tooktoo, Isaac Partridge, Kelly-Ann Desrosiers, Laly Uqaituq Irqumia, Louis Gagnon, Lucie Nadeau, Lulu Partridge-York, Maggie Napartuk, Marc-Antoine Mahieu, Mary Panignajak, Michel Patry, Nancy Saunders, Nicolas Ligett, Nicolas Pirti-Duplessis, Pasa Mangiok, Qumaq Mangiuk Iyaituk, Robert Watt, Robert Fréchette, Sam Hopkins, Sarah Ruptash, and Sarah Fraser.